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    Has any of you guys been with girl who wants to sleep with you so that she can be pregnant. I'm talking about having sex with you and hopefully you would get her pregnant. But she has no plans of asking money from you since you're the father of the child

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    Looks like the girl has a serious case of having the baby fever. I would suggest to get that "no plans of asking money from you" in writing in order to make sure that she would suddenly ask money from you


    • Trex
      Trex commented
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      Did you have that urge before or is that something that you've read online?

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    I would suggest to stay away from her if you want to live in peace since there is a possibility that she would ask for child support from you in the long run even if she promised that she wouldn't ask from you. Have you asked her the reason why she's in a rush to have a child?


    • VeinyD
      VeinyD commented
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      Have you felt something similar before or it is the furthest thing in your mind right now?

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    Originally posted by spontaneousnika View Post
    I would suggest to get that "no plans of asking money from you" in writing in order to make sure that she would suddenly ask money from you
    She's right on this one. If you ever plan to proceed in getting her pregnant, you should let her sign the document first before the two of you try and fuck her


    • busyGirl
      busyGirl commented
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      Do you mean a contract? Do you think it will work that way?

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    I think there's something wrong with that girl if she asks that sort of thing to guys that she sleeps with


    • PigBenis
      PigBenis commented
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      It's just a bad case of having the baby fever. I've read online that there are people from all genders have them at a certain part of their life

    • Beandern
      Beandern commented
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      PigBenis If that was the case, then I think it's all good for him.

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    If she's that desperate to have a child, she can just adopt


    • LizIsMoore
      LizIsMoore commented
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      Most people who prefer to be have their own child before considering adopting

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    I think that women who do this have ulterior motives.


    • RiparianPan
      RiparianPan commented
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      I agree, one of the motives that I can think of is that using the baby to extort money from the person who fathered it.

    • BrackCutt
      BrackCutt commented
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      It's really obvious, maybe that's why the first suggestions were to put into proper writing that the mother will not ask for financial help from the guy

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    It looks like most of the suggestions is to stay away from here. So you better try and avoid her as best as you can


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      If she only wanted you to get her pregnant, why not do it but you also have to make clear to her that you have no responsibility to the kid.


      • Kara0990
        Kara0990 commented
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        Are you sure he doesn't want to have a responsibility to the baby?

      • burnthisout
        burnthisout commented
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        I really think that he doesn't want to take responsibility to the baby.

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      If she asks this to you. I suggest making a contract so that she can't follow you and ask you some money.


      • realwoman
        realwoman commented
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        Contract, do you with an attorney?

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      If a random girl suggested you that, it's obvious that she is hiding something.


      • LoveAlcove
        LoveAlcove commented
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        What is she hiding exactly?