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  • How would guys feel?`

    How would a guy feel if he knew that he has competition over the girl he likes? Who wouldn't want a girl full of personality and a smile that can light up a whole room? It's no surprise that she can be the center of attention but does not want it. She's that kind of girl that does not want to be in a serious relationship in a moment. What's a guy gotta do? As a girl, I'm curious about situations like this.

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    Some guys would feel disappointed and would stop there and find another girl.


    • Haircut
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      They'd always go out and search for tits and pussy. They are not looking for something serious these days.

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    If a girl is a hard to get then men would leave her immediately. Most men would not waste a time pursuing a woman who does not want to be taken.


    • Ketterine
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      Not sure that playing hard to get would automatically make the guy leave. Because there are some who would consider it as a challenge and would even try their best to win the affections of the girl

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    A girl full of personality and a smile that can light up a whole room is such a rare girl to find and most men would like to have her. But if she is not ready to have a relationship, men would have the option to have a fling with her and play around with her. In actuality, when ladies are not serious then men would not be serious, too. If both wants to just play a game, men would love to have those games.


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      Originally posted by GreenPIZZAHEY View Post
      How would a guy feel if he knew that he has competition over the girl he likes?
      It depends on the status of the men. There are men who have more advantages over the others. If you are the most advantageous among the men, you would feel happy as your chance to get the girl would already be high. And at the other end of the spectrum, the man there would feel devastated as he would already feel that he would be a loser.


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        I would try to ask the girl who she actually prefers to go out with. If she's not that into me, then I would go find another girl more into me rather than stick with her knowing that she would choose the other guy in the end


        • Kara0990
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          How would you take it if she doesn't choose you? Are you going to feel bad about it or not?

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        Based on my male friends. Some of them would try and prove their worth towards the girl, while the others would find someone else because they don't want any competition


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          Does the guy know that she's not looking for a serious relationship? Because if they're not after the same thing, it would be much better to divert his attention to someone who's after the same thing as he is