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    I want to ask men here if what are the offensive and inappropriate questions that a woman asks you? Ladies can jump in as well, For me, He asks me if I masturbate thinking about my partner or some actress when I'm doing it.

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    Actually it was funny and hilarious when she asks me when I pee do I just only pull the shaft out or do I pull my balls out too. I was laughing at her and told her I pull them all out even the balls haha.


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      Can you tell us why do you think that question is inappropriate? Is it because you are afraid that you might give her the wrong answer and she will be mad at you?


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        In my case, it would be being asked if I'm still a virgin. It will only make me think that he is either only into virgins or really conservative that he wants to lose his virginity with a fellow virgin.


        • Penumbra
          Penumbra commented
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          Did he tell you the reason why he asked you that question?

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        It would be if the two of you are having unprotected sex and asks you if I wanted to be the mother of his children as he cums.


        • PIZZAChilledDesk
          PIZZAChilledDesk commented
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          Has a guy actually told you that during sex? If the answer is yes, what did you tell him?

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        I feel that you're the type who will play it safe and tell the her that you fantasize her whenever you jack off.


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          What's inappropriate is if I ask him how his other girl taste like when he started going down on her every time he cheats on me.


          • Bargeekel
            Bargeekel commented
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            I'm kinda sure that kind of question will start a fight between you two if I'm not mistaken.

          • Tayl9orDoom
            Tayl9orDoom commented
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            Bargeekel then I guess its inappropriate but I won't ask him of he wasn't cheating in the first place.

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          Well, I have a question with you boys, When we send you guys unexpected nude pics, what is your first reaction and what do you do with them after? Do you save them or have you jerk off with them?


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            My ex is the one who asks me some inappropriate questions, like If I am good at a blow job, lol. I just say yes even though I am not sure about it.