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  • Falling in love

    We meet new people and somehow we are captivated by someone. You begin to fall in love with that person until you learn that that person already has a girlfriend. What would you do? End the love for that person or sustain the love emanating from the bottom of your heart and pursue that person?

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    Your right ends where the right of others start. Meaning? Leave him alone. Leave him with his girlfriend alone. Look for other person to bestow your love.


    • ToastyNips
      ToastyNips commented
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      But do you think that love is transferable? Could you transfer that love for person A to person B?

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    If they're that type of couple who is down for open relationships then I would still be down with it. I am willing to be their playmate if they want to.


    • Anethhhh
      Anethhhh commented
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      I would be down for it only if they should pay me, and I'll do whatever they wish.

    • PigBenis
      PigBenis commented
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      Do you think that open relationships are a good idea?

    • Haircut
      Haircut commented
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      There would be few people who would want to have that kind of an arrangement. Let us reverse the situation; would you want to have a third playmate?

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    Unless the girl is aware and lets his boyfriend look for a girl to be his playmate, then go for it. But if not then find another completely single guy.


    • GreenPIZZAHEY
      GreenPIZZAHEY commented
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      I agree, there are so many single guys out there. You shouldn't be hitting on taken dudes already.

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    There are so many guys out there, why settle for a guy who's already taken?


    • Tayl9orDoom
      Tayl9orDoom commented
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      I agree unless they've already broken up and the girl still claims to be the girlfriend.

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    I would sustain the love emanating from the bottom of my heart and pursue that person. That is how strong my love for that person is. I would continue fighting for my love till the end.


    • VeinyD
      VeinyD commented
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      Why would you be with someone who's already in a relationship? Don't you think that kind of love is wrong since you might end up destroying another relationship because you love the guy?

    • Vamala
      Vamala commented
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      VeinyD maybe the reason why she would fight for it is because she knows that she's a fighting chance against the other woman. Because the guy wouldn't date another girl if he is still in love with her

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    I would end things with that guy immediately because I'm never the type who ruins a relationship


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      How did you end up falling for him without even trying to find out whether he's in a relationship or not?