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  • Annoying thing

    I'd like to ask all the ladies here, what's the most annoying thing a man ever did to you?
    Mine was a guy I used to date in my hometown. He keeps pinching my excess fats and every inch of my body, so I slapped him.

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    Why are you so curious about those annoying things that men have done to the ladies here?
    Aren't you going to ask us, men, the same thing too?


    • HarBleak
      HarBleak commented
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      Well, you could also share your own experiences here. No one is preventing you from sharing it. I am even curious on what annoyed you.

    • StrokeMe
      StrokeMe commented
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      I could but I will just hear out that ladies here because I am more interested at their stories

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    Originally posted by Pehel View Post
    I'd like to ask all the ladies here, what's the most annoying thing a man ever did to you?
    Mine was a guy I used to date in my hometown. He keeps pinching my excess fats and every inch of my body, so I slapped him.
    The most annoying thing a person would ever do to me is to annoy me, LOL!
    Everyone does not like being annoyed but when I'm annoyed, I don't get why people would annoy me more.


    • PigBenis
      PigBenis commented
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      okay makes sense to me but i came here to annoy you and tell you that I am annoying haha

    • TimesChari
      TimesChari commented
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      Penumbra, if you're easily annoyed even to smallest of things, people and everything else will annoy you more. How about if you just laugh it off, and annoy them back?

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    I find it really annoying if a guy I don't like keeps hitting me on my DMs. If I'd block them, they'll make new accounts to bother me again.


    • Meanduos
      Meanduos commented
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      Whoa. You know what? Do not reply with their DMs. They would stop after some time if you just ignore them.

    • LoveHappy
      LoveHappy commented
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      Sometimes, we could make those men who we do not like a chance to show what they are capable of. There are actually surprises along the way - things that we did not really expect from them.

    • GossipMean
      GossipMean commented
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      I think that it is common for men to do direct messages to various women. If you do not like the man who is hitting up on you then just ignore his messages. He would soon stop annoying you.

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    Annoying things that guys ever do to me? GHOSTing me, 'coz that's what they're good at!


    • GoodNatured
      GoodNatured commented
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      I see that it's October and you still haven't seen you BOO...haha, get it? Okay, I need friends.

    • Kara0990
      Kara0990 commented
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      Maybe you're not good at choosing guys to date with or maybe because of your personality that drives them away lol!

    • Latika
      Latika commented
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      LOL. How many times have you been ghosted? You know what? If that case has been running lately then you should consider making some makeover to keep those men with you.

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    You just do not know but this happened years ago. So many years ago inside a club. That was when I was young and partying heavily. There were many people on the dance floor, and the crowd was dancing to the beat of the music, when suddenly a hand touched my butt. It was not a simple touch, by the way. It was something like it was a squeeze! I looked back and I saw a man hiding his grin so I slapped him. I was furious at that time.


    • PIZZAChilledDesk
      PIZZAChilledDesk commented
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      That prick deserves it anyway. It's inappropriate, especially if you never gave him consent to do that. But I hope he learns his lesson and never to do that again. He might end up in a coma if you ever had a boyfriend that time and beats the shit out of him lol!

    • Tayl9orDoom
      Tayl9orDoom commented
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      PIZZAChilledDesk If your boyfriend was tall, mascular and knows those self defense arts then he would be able to knock off that kind of a man. If not, then her boyfriend might be the one who could have been beaten.

    • AnnSaren
      AnnSaren commented
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      But, actually, if the guy was hot, then I would gonna flirt with him. I would even be the one to ask him for a one night stand.

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    The most annoying thing a girl has ever done or will ever do to me is to bite me. Yes, I've pretty much met a bunch of bitches who've done that to me. I've had bruises and bite marks all over my arms, shoulders, and forearms. It's not really cute, it definitely hurts.


    • burnthisout
      burnthisout commented
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      Sounds like a fetish lol They must have an urge of biting you maybe check your body if you have some hickey

    • TinyAngel
      TinyAngel commented
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      Bite? But why would girls bite you? I have never heard girls biting their men. lol.