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    What factors are most important to you when looking for someone, it could be a hookup one-night stand or in a partner?

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    I don't think the same factors would apply for a partner in a relationship and with a one night stand. Because the only factor that I can think of for a one night stand is that we're both horny when we met that evening or day


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      When it comes to relationships, it would be having something in common, a good sense of humor, and not a know it all


      • burnthisout
        burnthisout commented
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        Have you been with a know it all before that's why you don't to be with someone like that again?

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      Originally posted by Kara0990 View Post
      for a one night stand is that we're both horny when we met that evening or day
      You forgot to include that the person has to be hot


      • VeinyD
        VeinyD commented
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        Do you think that I would pass that qualification or not?

      • realwoman
        realwoman commented
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        VeinyD do you really think that you're hot?

      • GreenPIZZAHEY
        GreenPIZZAHEY commented
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        Hotness doesn't really matter if your drunk. lmao

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      When it comes to one night stands is just pure physical attraction and the amount of alcohol that's in my system


      • LizIsMoore
        LizIsMoore commented
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        I guess that he needs to get you tipsy so that you would sleep with him?

      • PigBenis
        PigBenis commented
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        So how many drinks does it get before you're willing to have some fun with a guy that you're into?

      • gerlineHG
        gerlineHG commented
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        Depends on the drinks. And mind you, I'm measuring in shots. lol

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      I think it's would be better if we just focus on the one night stands since when it comes to relationships, it can be a really long list for some


      • Zoom
        Zoom commented
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        Are you sure that you're not speaking about yourself when it comes to that long list that you mentioned? lol

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      Availability, for sure.


      • ToastyNips
        ToastyNips commented
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        Well, that is already a given.

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      A good company. There's always a time before and after sex that you actually do something besides anything sexual.


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        Of course, one important quality is that he has to be a gentleman.


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          For one night stands, is that we're both horny for each other and has a bulge in the crotch area lol


          • HEYGhoul
            HEYGhoul commented
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            What if he doesn't have a bulge down there? Is it a no go for you?

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          When it comes to relationships, it's having the same interests, good sense of humor, and doesn't stop me with what I want to eat