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  • Unwanted date

    If someone who you do not like asked for a date, what would you do? Outright rejection or meet first then reject later?

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    Outright rejection, of course. Why would I date someone who I do not like? It would just be a waste of time.


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      How much do you hate yourself that you would go out with someone that you don't like? There's a huge possibility that the both of you would feel miserable during the date


      • BrackCutt
        BrackCutt commented
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        I would reject a guy if I already see red flags about him. It's better to be upfront now than be sorry later.

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      Does the guy know that I don't like him or he's clueless about it? Because if he knows it beforehand, I'm not sure he's willing to go out with me


      • PIZZAck
        PIZZAck commented
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        If a guy doesn't know I don't like him, he'd still ask me out but I would immediately reject him lol

      • ToastyNips
        ToastyNips commented
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        The man would be clueless at this case because as you said, he would not be continuing to date the girl if he knew it beforehand.

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      I would ghost her immediately if I saw some things about her which I truly despise.


      • spontaneousnika
        spontaneousnika commented
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        It would be better to tell her that you don't want to meet up with her. Ghosting is becoming a norm and it's not cool being an ass like that

      • realwoman
        realwoman commented
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        Seriously VeinyD? You think ghosting is a fucking joke to you?

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      I would definitely not go out with him. Might end up arguing with him during the entire date


      • gerlineHG
        gerlineHG commented
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        You remember when your still young, there are some boys who would make always fun of girls just to get their attention because they secretly like them. Maybe he is intentionally making you hate him so that he would get your attention or something

      • CocoM
        CocoM commented
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        Why would you argue with him? Or maybe you'll just end up being bored lol

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      Outright rejection.
      I would say: "I am sorry, darling, but you are not my type."


      • Bargeekel
        Bargeekel commented
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        With rejection, some guys would make a transformation on themselves and before we knew it, they had turned into a hotties.

      • gocrazy
        gocrazy commented
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        Bargeekel If that would be the case, then we should be happy with them. At least, they transformed in a good way.

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      It's a no brainer. Of course I wouldn't go out with him. I don't have plans of torturing myself by going out with him


      • Trex
        Trex commented
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        If you're evil, you can go on a date with him and just annoy him the entire time

      • Anethhhh
        Anethhhh commented
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        Trex Bad. That was simply bad. Do you think that playing with people are good? You could just leave them alone, right?

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      If he has no idea that I hate him and I want him to hate me more, I would go out with him and be a complete bitch during the date lol


      • LizIsMoore
        LizIsMoore commented
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        I guess that you wanted to be sure that you wanted him to hate you as well that's why you're going to be a bitch during the date?