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Getting bit during sex

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  • Getting bit during sex

    Yeah, no matter how careful we are, shit happens during sex. What would you do if blood gushes out from your lips, nipples, pussy or dick due to accidental biting from your partner?

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    If I was bitten, I would slap him real hard as a vengeance to what he did to me. Yeah, I understand that it was an accident but I need to react, you know. And I need to react violently.


    • BrackCutt
      BrackCutt commented
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      Isn't it scary about what happens after? Things might be too physically violent.

    • gocrazy
      gocrazy commented
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      Are you not afraid that he would also react with your slapping and knock you off?

    • Bargeekel
      Bargeekel commented
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      But was there already an instance where you were actually bitten during sex?

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    I might grab something hard and smash it over his head or punch him in the face or balls


    • ToastyNips
      ToastyNips commented
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      While you smash him with a hard object, you must also shout expletives at him. That would be so nice to have.

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    If he bit my nipples, I would tell him to get off me and immediately run to the bathroom and grab a towel to try and stop the bleeding


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      That's way too harsh. This is why I don't like biting or scratching. It's insanely painful


      • Kara0990
        Kara0990 commented
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        If a girl scratches your back you would stop fucking her immediately?

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      I don't think that being bitten during sex doesn't count as an accident. Unless you're talking about the other person was having an epileptic seizure


      • Trex
        Trex commented
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        Have you actually been with or known someone who had a seizure in the middle of sex?

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      Maybe you should have taken things slow about this topic. Should have talked about kissmarks or sex related accidents rather than biting each other


      • PIZZAck
        PIZZAck commented
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        I agree biting is wayyyyy too much.

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      Of course it would be trying to stop the bleeding lol. Don't want to end up dead because of blood loss.


      • CocoM
        CocoM commented
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        That doesn't sound like a bite anymore considering that you're talking about of dying from blood loss already lol