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  • Instincts

    I'm new here from Raleigh, North Carolina. Please call me, PIZZATRAIN, choo-choo!

    So anyway, I wanted to share with you guys a story about my recent date that just happened last night.
    It was with a guy, he's almost 30 years old and is in a fraternity. He's not buff, just looked average and I find him odd from all of the guys I've been with. The fact that he doesn't drink or smoke makes it hard to believe, right? But okay, we ate at a diner and had pizza and pasta. I always keep the conversation flowing and at the end of the night, I find him quite boring. The part here gets a little strange when I told him that I'm heading home and he keeps insisting that he's coming with me to make sure I get home safe. I said that I was fine and that I can just text him up if I get home. We both hailed for a taxi and I thought, was he really coming home with me? I told myself that he's onto something and I don't want him to come along with me. When he opened up the door, I went right in and slammed the door and told the driver to go. 'Til then I didn't bother texting him again, you wouldn't blame me for having a really bad feeling. Always trust your instincts.

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    Are you sure you're not high there PIZZATRAIN. Maybe you're just assuming things that he's up to no good. But then again, I shouldn't be blaming you for acting paranoid. It's hard to tell if he's just concerned about you or he might be onto something. But then again, at least you got home safe.


    • Kara0990
      Kara0990 commented
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      Nice to know that I'm not the only one who thought that she was just feeling paranoid that evening

    • MegaCumbersome
      MegaCumbersome commented
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      She was only paranoid. She even looked silly when she run away from the guy. The guy must have felt embarrassed with what she did.

    • LoveHappy
      LoveHappy commented
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      Yes, she did get home safe and sound. But how about the feeling of the man whom she had left abruptly like he would do something bad to her?

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    Choo! Choo! Hello there, PIZZATRAIN. I think that you're just being too careful there since you might've experienced hooking up to guys with bad intentions. Although, he is showing a bit of red flags there when you said that he was insisting to come over to your place.


    • spontaneousnika
      spontaneousnika commented
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      It's sad to think that we sometimes have to keep our guards up especially that we're girls and that there are guys out there who like to take advantage of us. It's good to listen to our instincts if we feel like things are quite off.

    • SexyBbay
      SexyBbay commented
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      How did she know that the man had a bad intention? She only had an assumption that he would do something bad to her. We should trust people, right?

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    Without factoring what happened by the end of the date, do you think that your date was actually a good one? Because it is possible that he felt that it was a good date that's why he insisted to accompany you to your place


    • lnlywrld
      lnlywrld commented
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      Do you feel that it was good date for him and was just a bad one on her part?

    • Anethhhh
      Anethhhh commented
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      BrackCutt have you ever thought that he just wants to get laid with her and uses 'accompanying her' as an excuse? Every guy wants and will do whatever it takes just to get laid these days.

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    Not sure any thirty year old guy would openly tell to his date that he's a member of a fraternity


    • AnnSaren
      AnnSaren commented
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      VeinyD I think it's just sketchy to be telling that too. Isn't there a fraternity code that they shouldn't be telling other people that they're in a fraternity? Or is it just fight club? LOL!

    • Latika
      Latika commented
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      What are the differences of a fraternity from a mafia. I think a fraternity is from a school while a mafia is a gang doing illegal business. You have fraternity of lawyers but you do not have a mafia of lawyers. What do you think?

    • VeinyD
      VeinyD commented
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      AnnSaren You just need to be careful to whom are you talking that with otherwise you will get in trouble

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    What was your instinct on the situation? That he would gonna have sex with you? Why did you not want to have sex with him? Is it because he was just an average looking guy?


    • Trex
      Trex commented
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      She might be the type who doesn't have sex with guys on the first date that's why she didn't sleep with him

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    If I were you, I would let him inside the taxi and let him go with me home. Why? We need to give the benefit of the doubt. His intention might be pure and just wanted you to fetch you home. What you did was just a paranoia.


    • HardAnnSoft
      HardAnnSoft commented
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      I've had the same thoughts too, PIZZAck. Her date must be a great guy, his intentions are pure. It's rare for guys to fetch a girl home just to make her feel safe. I was thinking that he might even stay inside the taxi and just look out for her as she enters her home.

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    Well, at 25, you are not that young anymore. So in the first place, why did you have a date with someone who would you not like in the end? You should have done a little research on him, right?


    • PigBenis
      PigBenis commented
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      Any girl would go out on a date with a guy if he insists to pay for the food. Yes, the girl may not like him but who doesn't like free food, right?

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    Wait, what does science say about instincts? Isn't it an unacceptable feeling because it has no basis at all?


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      Our gut instincts often address survival issues, so a sudden feeling of dread always means that there's a danger waiting to happen.