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How to tell if someone trusts you

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  • How to tell if someone trusts you

    I'm not an expert on this but I can pretty much tell when a girl trusts me already (even on our first date). She often leans in closer when we talk and it only shows how interested and intimate we are to each other. How can you tell if someone trusts you based on what you observe on the first date?
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    I can't tell if my recent date trusts me already. But he does seem to share pretty much about his private and more personal stuff, so I guess he already trusts me with that. Mind you that he is not over-sharing but I asked him about what he usually does every day.


    • HEYGhoul
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      Well, maybe you two already jived well that's why he shares with you everything that he wants to tell.

    • PIZZAChilledDesk
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      I think he trust me that much and really want to know all his backstory he really is comfortable sharing it with me and I just smile

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    Does it matter if he trusts me or not? I've observed that my dates usually end up fucking me, so isn't that enough for me to tell that they thrust me already? See what I did there? Lol! But yeah, you get my point.


    • Sniftywas
      Sniftywas commented
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      Lmao! Nice pun you got there TimesChari but yes it's absolutely on point. It's easy to spot when a guy trusts you, he tells you his deepest, darkest secrets, but does that mean that I'm a stranger to him? Since most people say that they can only trust a stranger with all their secrets.

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    I do no think that trust is the right world. I think that the word should be rapport. If a man likes me, then I would already feel some rapport.


    • Trex
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      Yeah, rapport is what you'd usually feel on the first date with someone. Or anyone you'd meet every day.

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    If someone trusts you, then she would be able to tell you some dark secrets that they have. She would be open with anything.


    • TinyAngel
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      If I open up and tell to him that I am already wet during our date, would that count as being trustful?

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    Maybe she doesn't hear you much that's why she maintains close distance bruh You must have wet your pants whenever she leans to you, You look like Seth Rogen on crack haha that's hilarious but I am happy for you bro


    • burnthisout
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      This made my day Lol!! we must be serious with this stuff I bet the girl really wants him and that might be a sign that she really is into you

    • AnnSaren
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      The place must a bit noisy that she needed to get close to him to hear him out. lol.

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    Will you trust her already with just some sign of intimacy? Maybe it's her style to get you so she could reach for your pockets and steals from you haha!! or maybe reach your pants and want to stroke you which is far more better


    • Beandern
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      Both of what you had said would be hard to do in a public setting. I have not seen anyone who robbed the person who they dated. As for the stroking one, I had seen some touches in the past.

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    Actually, you cannot tell that someone already trusts you after a first date as that is too soon to know. You should have few more dates before you begin to show some trust to the other person. Even then, it would not be a full trust yet. It takes time before full trust is given.