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  • Ghost-magnet

    Is it just me? Or is it that every date I go out with ends up ghosting me? Yeah, I'm getting the October vibes here.
    It's been so long that I haven't found my BOO! Someone who can take me seriously.
    Last edited by Sniftywas; 10-17-2019, 09:56 AM.

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    I thought that this topic would be about ghosts, but it's far scarier than I thought.
    It's about people who can't handle the situation of what comes next after dates then they'll decide to just ghost you as if you didn't exist.


    • TinyAngel
      TinyAngel commented
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      Why do you think are the reasons why those men would just ghost her after a date? If all men do that same thing to her, don't you think that there is a problem with her already?

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    If you're looking for someone who can take you seriously, then you should tell them beforehand that you're looking for serious relationships. Not hookups, maybe they just wanted one-night stands then after that, they'll end up ghosting you.


    • VeinyD
      VeinyD commented
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      Maybe they've got creepier as time goes and decided to just leave and ghost them

    • MoshiMoshiPan
      MoshiMoshiPan commented
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      You are right HEYGhoul. She should tell them that she will no longer entertain guys who are planning to ghost her right after. Or it would be best if she does not date for a while and just wait for someone who can take her seriously.

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    Don't be paranoid you might be getting some vibes but how unlucky you are that someone would ghost you from a date? You must have done something that maybe creeps them out or they're not comfortable with


    • AnnSaren
      AnnSaren commented
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      Exactly! Just same as my thoughts, too! I think that there is something wrong with her so she is ghosted right after the first date. Maybe, she is refusing to have some fuck after the first date?

    • PIZZAChilledDesk
      PIZZAChilledDesk commented
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      She is really freaking out about this, Ghosting mostly happens if they are not interested anymore or they've got a feeling that they need to ditch their partner because nothing good is going to happen

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    Originally posted by Sniftywas View Post
    Is it just me? Or is it that every date I go out with ends up ghosting me? Yeah, I'm getting the October vibes here.
    It's been so long that I haven't found my BOO! Someone who can take me seriously.
    Why would they even ghost you? You are one miserable lady if this turns out to be true. Like everytime? Really? you must be joking I think you should change your ways lady and do something different than what you did to your friendly ghost dates who runs away


    • GreenPIZZAHEY
      GreenPIZZAHEY commented
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      No one will ever take her seriously because of those puns she made, seriously? "Haven't found my Boo!", such a turn off LOL!

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    I had read in the past that you should just be yourself, be good and the right people will come to you. Also, you should be selecting the men who you would be dating. If you feel that a certain man would ghost you, then it would be best not to pursue with that date anymore.


    • RiparianPan
      RiparianPan commented
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      Sometimes, the more good you are to those kinds of people, the more they'll take advantage of you. Thus, they'll still end up ghosting you, and it's sad because it happened to me.

    • Latika
      Latika commented
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      RiparianPan How many times that those men had ghosted you despite being kind to them? Maybe, you were not their type so they ghosted you.

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    Is there a device to stop people from ghosting us? If that exists, then you should use it. lol. Anyway, since the technology does not exist yet, then I think that you need to change your approach. Why not try to be daring, flirty and horny? I think that most men would want to have those kinds of girls.


    • BrackCutt
      BrackCutt commented
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      Sometimes you can have it all, being the most daring, flirty, and horny of them all, but guess what? In the end, if people ghosted us, it clearly means that they aren't interested at all.

    • Bellswas
      Bellswas commented
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      BrackCutt Yup. Some or most people would still ghost us even though we had been daring, flirty and horny. You know what? Because they did not see some of the things that they were looking for.

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    I wonder if you had been ghosted for a long time already or is it just this October? Anyway, someone would come by. Maybe, not now but soon.


    • JoHeyAnn
      JoHeyAnn commented
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      Yeah, ghosting seems normal these days but if you're patient enough to wait for someone serious then just wait. The right one will soon come to you unexpectedly.

    • LoveAlcove
      LoveAlcove commented
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      If it has been a long time then I guess she is officially a Ghost-Magnet, because she can always attract men who will surely ghost her after the end of the date or hookup. Lol, how sad it is to be her right now.

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    Did you creep them out girl? I dont get it why they ghosted the hell out of you maybe you should try different guys the average ones and not that "choosy"


    • BAKINGTagz
      BAKINGTagz commented
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      Lol... What made you think that they will run away from her? You sound like you are making her a ghost "literally"