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He's a 10 BUT...

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  • He's a 10 BUT...

    There was this guy that my friend introduced to me. He's 6 ft. tall, half american and half african. His eyes and lips are so sexy like I am sweating every time I look at those. BUT he's a very religious person ( I forgot the exact religion) and I cannot express myself when I'm with him. I am always hesitant when I say words coz it might sound inappropriate to his beliefs. I am not even sure if I can talk about sex LOl.

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    There are a lot of this kind of guy that I met and guess what they're actually the most aggressive one! You would never imagine a religious guys fucking you so hard until you'll ask for mercy haha


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      You're being nega sweetie! You haven't tried it yet so you can't say that! Tell it when he refused to do something intimate. LOL


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        Just go and don't give him a mercy hahahhah