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  • Better Partner

    To those who had one night stands and proper relationships, who do you think is a better partner when it comes to sex? Is it a hookup or your boyfriend/girlfriend?

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    I actually enjoy doing it my boyfriend since it has more meaning since it's with someone you love and care for


    • StrokeMe
      StrokeMe commented
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      This is actually true. There's always something different if feelings is involved.

    • ToastyNips
      ToastyNips commented
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      StrokeMe Yes, sex with feelings is the best.

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    It depends on the guy that I'm with. I had one night stands where the guy fucked me like there's no tomorrow and had exes who only knew the in and out action and nothing else


    • VeinyD
      VeinyD commented
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      If you're with me, I would make sure that you would be happy with me in and out of the bedroom

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    I believe in the saying that the grass is always greener on the other side. So for me, it all depends on whether I'm in a relationship or not


    • HarSecSnowboard
      HarSecSnowboard commented
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      Does it mean that you had one night stands while you're in a relationship?

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    Sex is better if your partner is as enthusiastic and excited as you are.


    • Tayl9orDoom
      Tayl9orDoom commented
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      You are right about that.

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    With a boyfriend of course since feeling and emotions are involve.


    • HarBleak
      HarBleak commented
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      Agree, cause one night stands without feeling is kinda dull for me.

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    Used to enjoy doing one night stands before since it would be a surprise if the guy has a big dick or not lol


    • LoveAlcove
      LoveAlcove commented
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      And now? Are you more into doing it with your boyfriend?

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    My boyfriend is the better partner, no question about that.


    • Ketterine
      Ketterine commented
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      Are you sure that you never had a boyfriend who was bad at sex?

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    It's always been a boyfriend for me. Because it's not only lust when the two of you are having sex


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      When there is love, sex is sweeter. When there is lust, sex is awesome.


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        It always has been my boyfriend. But some of the guys that I had a one night stand ended up being my boyfriend