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  • Wrong move!

    I had a one-time hookup with this guy who is a bit shorter than me. The awkward thing is that he happens to be the older brother of my crush in high school. My hookup is nothing like his 'little' brother who is taller and much hotter than him. I thought that my crush was somewhat a douche but after having sex with his brother, I was wrong. His brother is nothing but a real ass and isn't sweet at all in real life. He even promised me at first that he'll take me on several dates. Just right after having the most boring sex with him, I immediately blocked his number. I can't believe I've wasted my precious time on a guy like him. I forgot to mention, we drove to his place with his car and right after the sex, I just went home ALONE. Gee, thanks! I wish I should've gone out with your little brother but too bad he has a family now. (The douche doesn't, which explains a lot!)
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    HarSecSnowboard probably not your luck on hooking up to someone like him.


    • StrokeMe
      StrokeMe commented
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      She should be glad that it was just a one-time hookup. If it were her boyfriend or a husband then it could've been worst.

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    I bet you're just too nice to your dates that you're forgetting that you should be treated like a princess.


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      The douche doesn't what? Not sure what you're trying to tell us on the last part of your post


      • TinyAngel
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        Maybe she meant that the douchebag doesn't have a family even if he's the older brother. While the younger brother (her crush) already has a family.

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      When did the two of you have hooked up? If it's been more than five years, you should have moved on from that terrible encounter


      • Dlighties
        Dlighties commented
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        Have you been in such a horrible scenario as well, HEYGhoul?

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      Don't worry about that already since all of us have hooked up with someone who was a complete douche bag or a bitch


      • lnlywrld
        lnlywrld commented
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        And how many "bitches" have you dated so far?

      • Anethhhh
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        You're right about that one. Had my fair share of douche bags before

      • LizIsMoore
        LizIsMoore commented
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        True. Not all people are created equal. Some would be good while some would be assholes.

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      Are you trying to imply that we should only date the tall guys and not the shorter guys? Anyway, at least you had experienced a terrible hookup and I hope that you learned something from that.


      • spontaneousnika
        spontaneousnika commented
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        That's what I'm wondering also. Why did she have to mention about the height of the guy

      • BrackCutt
        BrackCutt commented
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        Maybe the reason why she mentioned about the height is because she thinks that the guy has a Napoleon Complex or something

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      Maybe, you did not ask him to drive you back that was why you went home alone. Sometimes, we need to ask it straightforwardly: "Can you drive me back home?"


      • Bargeekel
        Bargeekel commented
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        I think that's a given already for the guy to offer the girl a ride home after the date

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      Why are you still talking about something that happen probably more than a decade ago? Were you hoping that he was the man of your dreams or something that's why you still bitter with what happened?


      • busyGirl
        busyGirl commented
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        Maybe she heard something about him recently that's why she was reminded of him all of a sudden

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      Originally posted by gerlineHG View Post
      Are you trying to imply that we should only date the tall guys and not the shorter guys?
      Maybe the reason why she mentioned that is because she thinks that the guy has a Napoleon Complex that is why he was a bit of an asshole?


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        If you knew before hand that it would be awkward for you, then you shouldn't agreed to go out on a date with him in the first place. Because by doing that, you're just giving yourself problems in the long run