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A "NOPE" Kind of Hookup

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  • A "NOPE" Kind of Hookup

    I had a one night stand with a guy that I've known from college, and we've done it twice already. One day, I was browsing my dating app and I happen to match with a guy who looks so innocent and cute. We chatted and decided to meet up the next day. We were having a really good time when someone called him. I heard from their conversation that he mentioned the name of the guy I had a one night stand with. My face turned red, not knowing that they were close friends. He mention that he was currently on a date. After a while, he just looked at me but I looked away. He's still on his phone when I said that I had to go, so I rushed out of the diner because I was so anxious that he might be turned off since his friend has already been with me. I don't want to assume that he's still down for me so I just blocked him and I never went back to the dating app for weeks lol.

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    So, you haven't thought about asking both of them to engage in a threesome? Why are you not down for that? It would be fulfilling for both of them since it's every guys' dream.


    • Lovenarybe
      Lovenarybe commented
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      She's not into those things, considering that she left her date just because both of the guys are friends and she doesn't want to be fucking both of them.

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    I think you're overthinking or just assuming that your date wouldn't be down to have a one night stand with you. You didn't give him a chance to talk about what he said during the phonecall.


    • TinyAngel
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      She should've at least asked if the guy he mentioned was actually the guy she became fuckbuddies with.

    • Haircut
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      Yup, she concluded something too quickly without considering the opinion from her date. She should have continued the date until she was laid down.

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    It is my first time to hear someone would talk to his friend and use a complete first name and last name to address him. lol. What was so strange.


    • Tayl9orDoom
      Tayl9orDoom commented
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      Maybe she was just assuming that it was the same guy since he mentioned the same name. lol

    • Bargeekel
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      Tayl9orDoom And where do you see someone addressing his friend using a complete first and last name?

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    You should not have turned away. The first guy was just a hookup and second one would be another hookup. There is no difference between them.


    • TimesChari
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      I would find it awkward hitting two birds in one stone lol. Especially if the hookup only happened last night then the next hookup would be his close friend. Hell, no!

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    I don't see anything wrong in your situation. You hooked up with an acquaintance and ending up going out on a date with "his" friend. Besides, how sure are you that he's really talking about the person that you've been hooking up with?


    • HEYGhoul
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      If she lives in a small city or town, the odds of them knowing each other is bigger than if she's in a major city

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    Originally posted by VeinyD View Post
    how sure are you that he's really talking about the person that you've been hooking up with?
    I agree with him on this one and you're making it sound like your date mentioned the complete name of your acquaintance while they were talking


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      How sure are you that the guy he's talking to was your acquaintance? Is the city that you're living in is so small that everybody knows everyone?


      • HarBleak
        HarBleak commented
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        Possibly, yes. I wouldn't even want to be in that exact same situation as her lol