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  • Looking in Durham

    Any hot men in Durham? I feel like I want to have some hot actions. So, if you are also looking for a hot momma then I am here.

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    Who are kinds of the men who would like to have? Young men? Old men? Similar age as you? Expert level?


    • MegaCumbersome
      MegaCumbersome commented
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      Any man can be hot, be it young or old but as long as he has that sex appeal that makes our panties wet, then he's hot! I would definitely bang a guy who has that sex appeal.

    • Zoom
      Zoom commented
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      Most certainly women who look for hot men are hot women themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if she has high standards CRAZYCrakow, but that's okay. How about if you hit me up on my DMs?

    • UnlimitedLove
      UnlimitedLove commented
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      MegaCumbersome So who do you find hotter? The younger men or the older men?

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    Maybe you should come and visit me here in Nebraska, I will tour you around and maybe grab a beer to chill. I hope you see what you looking for here, you're always free to message me.


    • HardAnnSoft
      HardAnnSoft commented
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      Is your offer for any woman who's interested to go to Nebraska?

    • RiparianPan
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      Shouldn't you be the one to go to her place as you are the man? It is not usual for women to travel and go to the place of the man.

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    Originally posted by PIZZAChilledDesk View Post
    Any hot men in Durham? I feel like I want to have some hot actions. So, if you are also looking for a hot momma then I am here.
    Again, I am not hot and not anywhere near Durham. Ugh, I'm starting to feel hopeless right now since you ladies wanted to hook up with someone near your location. Can we at least get to know each other through chat?
    Last edited by Forever; 09-24-2019, 07:35 AM.


    • MoshiMoshiPan
      MoshiMoshiPan commented
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      Forever, you sound like you're in desperate need of a friend, a lover, or a fuckbuddy. You need to be patient or try to chat them up and start asking questions about common interests. I think that might just work, no harm in trying, right?

    • LoveHappy
      LoveHappy commented
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      I'm guessing that using self-deprecation is your to get the sympathy of the ladies here

    • Bellswas
      Bellswas commented
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      You could send a private message to her. Let us see if she would reply your messages.

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    Where is Durham located? Most people would never be aware of this place most specially if the place is already too far away from their current location. Are you also open to the idea of travelling to nearby places for some kind of fun?


    • Trex
      Trex commented
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      Why do you want to know where Durham is located? Are you also interested in having some fun with her?