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  • Hard and soft

    I'm from Louisiana and I chose this username because I'm a softie and sweet kind of person but I really enjoy hard fucking.
    I just wanted to ask, do you guys like it hardcore or softcore?

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    Greetings from Florida to you there, HardAnnSoft.
    Since you've asked, most of the time I do it hardcore because most of the women I've hooked up with actually love it. My advantage is my huge pack and I'm also great in bed. I hope one day we'll get to see each other.
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    • SexyBbay
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      Aw! A huge pack. How I love men who have big cocks. It is one of my weaknesses. I know that I should not tell it here but I could not help myself. lol.

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    Originally posted by HardAnnSoft View Post
    I'm from Louisiana and I chose this username because I'm a softie and sweet kind of person but I really enjoy hard fucking.
    I just wanted to ask, do you guys like it hardcore or softcore?
    Is vanilla sex a softcore too? A romantic one, yes? Then okay, I'd always enjoy passionate lovemaking than hard-fucking.


    • StrokeMe
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      Did most of the guys who fucked you hard didn't go so well that's why you'd prefer romantic sex instead?

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    They say that behind an innocent face hides the most secrets and that is, that you're really naughty. It's easy for you to catch any guy's attention when you have a sweet face plus you're into kinky stuff, that's what they always look for in a hookup.


    • Pehel
      Pehel commented
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      No, not all pretty ladies usually get a man's attention. My friends have pretty faces but they're single and I think you can get their attention is when you flirt with them. And that's an invitation.

    • Meanduos
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      Well, not all women are like that. Maybe there are others who are like that.

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    HardAnnSoft I thought that you're going to ask each of us if we like hard or soft dicks. I mean, who enjoys a soft dick anyway? Lol! My answer is hardcore, yes I love hardcore fucking.


    • Greatcatsx
      Greatcatsx commented
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      Dlighties, I love it when a soft dick gets hard. I can do that effortlessly, but my answer will be softcore fucking.

    • PIZZAChilledDesk
      PIZZAChilledDesk commented
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      There is nothing we can do with a soft dick lol How would you be able to put a soft dick in you? Unless you're impotent

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    I'm always that hardcore fucker, and I love it rough and dirty. Yes to hardcore sex!


    • PigBenis
      PigBenis commented
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      yes and amen to hardcore sex. I'm just imagining you laying flat on the mat as I fuck you hard with my big hard penis

    • Kara0990
      Kara0990 commented
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      PigBenis I'd like to join in! I love hardcore sex, how about if you fuck me right after you're done with her? But on a queen-size mattress, it hurts to be fucked laying flat on the ground.

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    I like it to be done in a hardcore way.You know those moments when you would have to scream so loud because of the various rough stuffs that are done to you?


    • TracingTRAIN
      TracingTRAIN commented
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      Were the neighbors ever made noise complaints because of you screaming loud every night? LOL!

    • Latika
      Latika commented
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      TracingTRAIN If the neighbors already complained then the noise were already too loud and scandalous. And wait, every night? Wow, do you do it every night? That is just too much.

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    Softcore only. I want to feel the sensations in subtle ways. I do not want like I am being raped due to the roughness of the sex being performed on me.


    • GoodNatured
      GoodNatured commented
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      So, it means you're into more of sensual love-making am I correct? Well, sometimes we guys get carried away, so we tend to become rough y'know?

    • busyGirl
      busyGirl commented
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      GoodNatured I know that most guys get carried away so from a sensual love making, it would turn into a rape scene. How I hate that one. It hurts, you know?