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  • Sexually confused

    I don't want to put a label on me yet but know I'm still out here exploring things. My previous relationship with a lesbian taught me that I was pansexual. I thought I was bisexual or just bi-curious. But I've been hooking up with straight guys as of the moment. There are times that whenever I see butch lesbians, it always gets me turned on. I would fantasize myself being devoured by them. I still don't know what I want or who I want to be with. It can be someone serious or just a fling. Thoughts?

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    Maybe you're just horny for everyone you see every day. I guess it's somewhat normal?


    • busyGirl
      busyGirl commented
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      Normal? Of course not. When you like any gender, then that would not be normal anymore. Maybe, the term would be exceptional.

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    You're probably a nympho pansexual lol


    • spontaneousnika
      spontaneousnika commented
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      How sure are you that she gets laid that often? Just because she mentions that she's been craving cock, it doesn't automatically mean that she gets laid every single day

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    If you are attracted to lesbians then you might be a lesbian? What do you think?


    • gerlineHG
      gerlineHG commented
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      Guess you didn't noticed the part where she mentioned about sleeping with guys at the moment

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    You are really confused over there. Have time to think what you are. I do not think that there is a pansexual person.


    • lnlywrld
      lnlywrld commented
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      She might be really confused. She should try to examine herself very well to determine her true sexuality.

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    There are people who claim to be a pansexual. But I guess, they need to narrow down on their real preference so that they could determine who they really are. I do not think that you also fantasize being devoured by gays, right?


    • Anethhhh
      Anethhhh commented
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      So you're thinking that she might be just pretending to be a pansexual?

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    I would suggest to try and talk to a specialist in order to find out what your orientation is. Or just try and ask your friends who are not straight if you're not comfortable to talk about it to a professional


    • CocoM
      CocoM commented
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      Maybe she needs to talk to her friends of the same orientation first before consulting a specialist.

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    Based on the people that you feel attracted to, you're definitely a pansexual. Because being a pansexual is being attracted to someone no matter what the persons gender is