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Is my profile saying what I want it to?

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  • Is my profile saying what I want it to?

    Writing isn't exactly my best subject and I want to see if my profile is actually saying what I want it to. I want to show that I'm okay with dating but that I'm still looking for a girlfriend so I need someone to look at my writing and see how it is and if it's actaully getting my point across

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    Hey so you could say something like I'm looking for my one, not afraid of commitment but also like having fun. . Sorry that rhymed lol but I still think it shows off your sense of humor


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      Say that you want to take care of a special lady...that shows that you want more commitment than the other guys on here


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        Or you could say something like still looking for the one for me or looking for my princess if you want to get super romantic. I think that shows what you want a little better than what you have already


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          Ehhh...I'm not really a romantic guy. Don't know if princess would work but I get what you're saying


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            You can take out the princess line if you're not romantic. Not every girl is looking to be a princess so it's not going to hurt your chances. If you're looking for a romantic girl though then saying something like that or about happily ever after is going to work better. Even though I think that looking for a girl to date on a hookup site makes you a bit romantic. If that's not the type of guy that you are then you shouldn't put it in. Try to be as honest as you can in your bio so there's less difficulty when it comes to dating You just gotta make it seem like you're looking for a special woman and it could be anyone on this site. That's also a good way to get women to actually message you too