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Can someone tell me if my profile sucks

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  • Can someone tell me if my profile sucks

    Need to know if my profile sucks. Never done online dating before and I want to make sure that it's right. Brutal honesty please

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    Honestly from your username I expected a bit more from your profile. Like it's pretty clever as a username and not anything that I've heard before and I was expecting soem creativity with your profile too. It's alright it's just not very exciting and just gets a bit lost. I would make it stand out more or you're going to get lost in all the other profiles. It even makes you look old and clueless... you say kids these days and then say that you don't know what netflix and chill is which pretty much everyone dating knows what that is by now. You're not even that old dude


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      If you don't what netflix and chill is then you make yourself look dumb and that's not a good impression to make. Otherwise I don't think it's that bad except it doesn't really say much about who you are


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        Wow okay...I think I was actually trying to be funny with that. I actually know what netflix and chill is


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          That's a relief but he is right. It does make you seem too old and like you're trying to hard. You're never going to attract younger girls if you do that


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            Again I was joking....