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  • Moshi Moshi from Minnesota!

    Moshi Moshi! This is MoshiMoshiPan, I'm not from Japan but I'm from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Speaking of Japan, Do you guys watch anime? Or read manga? Do you guys love or would like to discover Japanese culture? Sushi anyone?

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    You had me at Moshi-Moshi, I thought that you're Japanese or maybe you're half? But you never did mention it, what I love about Japan is the food but I will soon be visiting the country.


    • RiparianPan
      RiparianPan commented
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      I do not find the Japanese food to be delicious although I know that they are healthy and nutritious. I like how they use the vegetables on their cooking processes.

    • MegaCumbersome
      MegaCumbersome commented
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      RiparianPan what kind of Japanese dishes have you tried so far? And are you sure that they're authentic Japanese food? Because there are so-called roll or sushi that were created in order to please the foreign palette

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    Have you always been into Japanese culture or this is something that you're into only recently?


    • Trex
      Trex commented
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      UnlimitedLove I'll say, they were once cruel during the war period but they're nice people. I've heard so much about Japanese people when my father had been to Japan back when I was young.

    • PlaneVoice
      PlaneVoice commented
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      UnlimitedLove One of the best people in the world. People are great in all aspects. If every country would follow Japan's ways then this would be a beautiful world to live in.

    • GossipMean
      GossipMean commented
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      I do not know much about their culture. I know that they are workaholic and it is fine to sleep at work. How I wish that I could also sleep at work. lol.

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    I do not like those animes and mangas but I like sushis. As for the Japanese culture, I would consider it as one of the best in the world. They are industrious, respectful and simply a great nation.


    • BAKINGTagz
      BAKINGTagz commented
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      I'm not fond of anime or manga but I do enjoy the food too, you should try ramen Exploring it tastes better than your average chicken noodle soup. Lmao!

    • NotaPlant
      NotaPlant commented
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      Exploring you should try exploring around Japan, not just for food but the people and their culture as well.

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    What is Moshi-moshi? Is that hello in Japanese?


    • Dematib
      Dematib commented
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      I had heard of this word multiple times in the past but actually I do not know what it means. Anyone knows?

    • Dlighties
      Dlighties commented
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      Yes, Bellswas and Dematib 'Moshi-moshi' certainly is a Japanese greeting when you answer a phone call.

    • Tayl9orDoom
      Tayl9orDoom commented
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      Dlighties So that does mean that moshi-moshi is hello in their language?

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    Animes and mangas are only for the kids. How about watching those cartoon porn?