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Lonely woman from Oklahoma

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  • Lonely woman from Oklahoma

    A woman in her 30s, looking for a new set of female friends and friends with benefits. She is from Tulsa, Oklahoma and she is definitely NotaPlant but a lonely horny woman. Lol!

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    LOL. What a username. Of course, you are not a plant. Anyway, why did you choose to have that username? Certainly, I am not a plane.


    • Tayl9orDoom
      Tayl9orDoom commented
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      Your usernames are just plain silly. Well, we all have the freedom to select our own usernames.

    • SexyBbay
      SexyBbay commented
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      You are not a plane and not a voice either. So, yeah, Tayl9orDoom is right. Some usernames here are silly.

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    So since you are looking for friends then I could offer my friendship with you. Do you want me to be your friend? Do not worry, I eat lots of food including some plants.


      PIZZATRAIN commented
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      How about if you ask me if you wanted to befriend me GossipMean? Of course, I'd say yes, I would like to be your friend. We can eat lots of food and plants together lol.

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    A lonely yet horny woman. That is a strange combination. But keep on searching for the men here and your loneliness would be turned into happiness. Would you like some help from the older members?


    • LoveRockBurgers2
      LoveRockBurgers2 commented
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      It's not as strange as it seems to me Meanduos. Maybe she's just lonely most of the time and just wants someone to be there for her. Maybe she's like a plant, who wants to be watered since she feels like she's getting a bit dry lmao!

    • MoshiMoshiPan
      MoshiMoshiPan commented
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      LoveRockBurgers2 Is she like a plant that is situated in the middle of the dessert and waiting for some little rain to come? lol.

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    Originally posted by NotaPlant View Post
    she is definitely NotaPlant but a lonely horny woman. Lol!
    You may be lonely but you have quite a sense of humor there! I hope you won't mind but I just wanna know, how horny are you right now, NotaPlant?


    • spontaneousnika
      spontaneousnika commented
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      Why are you so curious there, Zoom? Are you planning to hook up with NotaPlant? Do you think that she could tell it to you here how horny she really is?

    • Lacessor
      Lacessor commented
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      She could be very horny as she is bold enough to find some men here to be her FWB. Only bold and horny women would do this thing.

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    If you want, feel free to send me a message the next time that you're horny


    • MegaCumbersome
      MegaCumbersome commented
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      How are you going to help her ease the loneliness that she feels?

    • VeinyD
      VeinyD commented
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      I am going to make her better because I will be the answer to her loneliness

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    I had a grin when I got to the point where you said that you are not a plant.
    Anyway, what type of men would you like to have as FWBs?


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      Originally posted by NotaPlant View Post
      a lonely horny woman. Lol!
      Most women who I know to be horny tend to be joyous and not lonely. But, of course, there are always exceptions and in this case you are an exception. Anyway, it is better if we force ourselves to be happy.


      • SexyOldLove
        SexyOldLove commented
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        Force ourselves to be happy? Happiness should be natural and not being forced to be happy?

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      If you're still looking for a fuck buddy, feel free to send me a message and maybe we can try and figure something out


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        At first, I had read your username as nota plant. I wondered what a nota plant was. lol.


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          Keep ya chin up gurl