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When To Give Up?

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  • When To Give Up?

    How many times does your partner have to do a major mistake towards you before you telling the person that it's over between the two of you

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    If by major mistake you mean cheating, I would say that just once and if he does it again, then it's immediately over no questions asked


    • Sniftywas
      Sniftywas commented
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      When you say that, you mean leave him right away?

    • BrackCutt
      BrackCutt commented
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      Yep, I mean that way.

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    Maybe you should give us an explain what those major mistakes are before I can give you a proper answer


    • burnthisout
      burnthisout commented
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      I think she means a major mistake like cheating.

    • Tayl9orDoom
      Tayl9orDoom commented
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      I think you already know what she means by that

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    I would just give her one chance and if she blows it again, it would be over between the two of us


    • TinyAngel
      TinyAngel commented
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      Even if you love her so much?

    • VeinyD
      VeinyD commented
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      Yes, even if I love her more than she loves me

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    I think twice is enough because if he really loves me. He would never hurt me by choice.


    • TimesChari
      TimesChari commented
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      I agree, at least twice in a row, I think that is fair if he doesn't know that it was a mistake in the first place.

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    It would be the first time for me because there would be a probability that he will repeat that again.


    • Anethhhh
      Anethhhh commented
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      I agree with you because you will never know when will he do it again.

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    If we're talking doing the exact same thing, then it would be only two times. Because I would break up with him immediately after doing it the second time


    • Vamala
      Vamala commented
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      I agree with you because doing the same mistake again only means that he does not care about the relationship.

    • gerlineHG
      gerlineHG commented
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      Yes, and that means that he doesn't really care for me because he chooses to hurt me twice.

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    If he cheated on me, I'm willing to give him a second chance. But if he physically hurts me, I would break up with him immediately and file a case against him


    • LizIsMoore
      LizIsMoore commented
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      Physical abuse is a no brainer honey. Anybody should immediately break up with the person if his or her partner hurts you physically

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    I'm willing to give her another chance. But she should at least to try and win me over again before fully forgiving her


    • stphie
      stphie commented
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      So you still not forgive her even you have given her a second chance?

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    When you had enough of the lies that he or she had told you. Also when your love towards the turns is slowly turning into hate


    • gocrazy
      gocrazy commented
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      You're right about that, sometimes love can turn into hate.

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    I will let minor mistakes pass but if he did something major like being unfaithful, that will surely set me off and end the relationship immediately.


    • Beandern
      Beandern commented
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      I agree I can still tolerate the minor mistakes he had done to me.

    • Bargeekel
      Bargeekel commented
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      Then we are on the same page on here.

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    If you feel that you are being choked by the relationship then it is time to say enough.


    • SexyBbay
      SexyBbay commented
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      I totally agree with you, you have to give space to yourself sometimes.