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  • Cohabitate

    Nowadays, there are some couple who do not get married anymore. They just decide to cohabitate. What are your thoughts on this?

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    Sure. I like the idea and I would like to try one. It would be exciting, I guess.


    • BrackCutt
      BrackCutt commented
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      Yes, it would be. It's when both of you are living together as a married couple or just friends. If things go wrong, splitting up won't be much of a big deal.

    • Ketterine
      Ketterine commented
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      You like the idea of what exactly? Are you talking about moving in together?

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    As long as they love each other and willing to work each others differences if they ever encounter problems, then I'm fine with it. They might be the ones who don't need to sign a piece of paper to show everyone that they're into each other


    • VeinyD
      VeinyD commented
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      Yes, it's normal for people to be living together nowadays. It's not much of a big deal.

    • CocoM
      CocoM commented
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      I'd be willing to move in or let my partner move in with me if I ever did find my one true love.

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    How sure the couple that moved in together would end up getting married? Some of them end up moving in together because it is more cheap rather than having two separate places


    • realwoman
      realwoman commented
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      busyGirl mentioned that most couples that DO NOT get married anymore yet are already living together nowadays.

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    I'm don't mind if the guy that I'm seeing would ask me to move in with me or he would move in with me. But we should at be two years into the relationship before doing such a thing


    • PIZZAck
      PIZZAck commented
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      For me, I don't think that I should be in a two-year relationship with a guy before he could move in with me. We have the rest of the time or year for that.

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    Not sure why would you equate moving in together counts and getting married as the same thing? Because those are two completely different things. Because there are couples who would move in together for practical reasons and as some sort of trial period before deciding on whether you want to spend the rest of your life with him or her


    • spontaneousnika
      spontaneousnika commented
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      Maybe she has a conservative background that's why she feels that it's the same thing

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    I think one of the reasons why a couple would cohabitate is because of the expense.
    One, they would not get married so no money would be shelled out there.
    Should they decide to separate ways, they do not need to file for a divorce which would cost money again.
    So, I think this is done for practicality reasons only.
    And I am for it.