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  • The ex

    There comes a time that we end our relationship due to one reason or another. Would you still meet your ex as friends? Or shall you forget the person as if you had never known the person at all?

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    The ex? What their names again? Oh, I had forgotten all of them.


    • spontaneousnika
      spontaneousnika commented
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      Wow, really? I never forget the names of the guys who broke my poor heart lol

    • gocrazy
      gocrazy commented
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      You may have forgotten their names but have you forgotten their faces as well?

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    If we started as friends because we have the same circle of friends, then I'm willing to be friends with them after a couple of months


    • VeinyD
      VeinyD commented
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      I'm still friends with my exes. Sometimes they would dial me for a booty call even if they're already taken. I wouldn't pass that!

    • gerlineHG
      gerlineHG commented
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      SexyBbay so you want to guarantee first that your feelings for him is officially dead before you would hang out with him again?

    • ToastyNips
      ToastyNips commented
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      After a couple of months. I stopped and laughed at there. Really, after few months? Why not be friends again the day after the breakup?

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    Not sure that I can be friends with them. But I'm willing to be civil towards him if we ever cross paths in public


    • BrackCutt
      BrackCutt commented
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      Same. It's so immature to hold grudges. Past is past.

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    I don't think that being friends with an ex is a good idea because it will make you think that the person who tried to be friends with you has still romantic feelings towards you


    • PIZZAck
      PIZZAck commented
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      Not all complies to that idea. Maybe some exes started out as friends and it's their decisions anyway

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    It's okay for me to be friends with my exes, they're the ones who's being bitter most of the time lol


    • CocoM
      CocoM commented
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      There is nothing wrong about being friends with your ex.