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    You met someone online. You got to be lovers in just a short span of time. The only issue is that he hides you from everybody else. He does not want anybody to know that you and he are together. What should you do?

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    Oh, I'm pretty sure that he's already taken or married, so that makes me the side-chick. I'd feel lucky to be his side-chick, it means that I can do him better in bed than his partner. The only disadvantage here is that we have to avoid being seen in public, well I've got my own place and that's my only advantage for us both.


    • Vamala
      Vamala commented
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      How about if you convince him to leave his current partner since he's really into you and you seem to be better than the original. Lol!

    • Sniftywas
      Sniftywas commented
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      Wow. A very good idea there. Well, if that is the case then you should keep him at your place. In that way, no one would be able to know the things you two are up to.

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    I see what's going on here, he is ashamed of me and that will be the last that he'll ever see me again. I must dump him for sure.


    • TimesChari
      TimesChari commented
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      Or don't you think that he's scared to be seen by his wife or by his wife's friends? You're his side-chick that's why you two must not be seen out in public being cheesy and sweet to each other.

    • SecBurgers
      SecBurgers commented
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      I will have to agree. You are thinking so low of yourself, honey. But no matter what his reasons are, I also agree that you must dump him immediately. No one deserves to feel what you're feeling.

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    I would confront her and ask for a reason behind her actions. I don't think that I am the kind of person that deserves to be hidden.
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    • LoveAlcove
      LoveAlcove commented
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      I suggest if you two should go to a different place where he can never hide you out in public. I think that he's not comfortable around his place because most people there know about him.

    • AnnSaren
      AnnSaren commented
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      He is hiding you so that there would not be any disasters. He is just keeping your relationship safe. You should understand his situation. Also, please remember that you are only a side-chick so quit demanding for things that could not be done in the open.

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    If this always happens, I would get mad at him. I'll also ask him why does it seem like he's ashamed of being seen together with me.


    • burnthisout
      burnthisout commented
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      Yes, you must confront him for you to know the truth. I don't want to assume things that he might be hiding you from his wife or girlfriend. Let's just wait for him to finally tell you everything.

    • UnlimitedLove
      UnlimitedLove commented
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      You should ask him why he hides you. There must be a reason why.

    • lnlywrld
      lnlywrld commented
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      Do not be so naive that he is up to something. He is hiding you because he could not show you to the world.

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    Seems like you are not for the public eyes to see. But what I'll do is that I'm going to have a long talk with him and let him explain why he's doing what he's doing.


    • Lacessor
      Lacessor commented
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      So, you're saying that she's unattractive to be seen with him in public? That's rude, but I think it's true LOL, sorry. I mean, his ex might see him that he replaced her with someone extremely unattractive.

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    Maybe he has a girlfriend already and you are his number two. That would be so sad. I guess I can set him up and broadcast that we are a couple. He'll surely be mad and there I can ask him about the situation. I just hope that by then, I will get the answers that I am looking for.


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      That is fine with me. At least, we would be safe from the prying eyes of friends. lol. He wants to hide me? I would be even glad for it. There would be no explaining to be made to the other people who might interfere with our affair. I guess that he is already married so he was just being extra careful. As for me, I just want to be laid down so it would not be a big deal for me.


      • Zoom
        Zoom commented
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        If it's just for hookups then it's better to be lowkey to the public. They should mind their own business as you two as just minding your own, nothing wrong with a one-time hookup. Why not try and hangout at your place? Or somewhere far that no one even knows you two.

      • GossipMean
        GossipMean commented
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        This is what we call looking at the silver lining. Yeah, he is careful and the effort must be appreciated.

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      In my experience, I do not like to take my girl out if I know that there's a possibility that my friends will see us. It is for the reason that I don't want them to lay eyes on my girl because there's a possibility that they will be attracted to her as well.