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  • How important?

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed here before but I'll discuss it anyway. So, how important is sex in a relationship? Does frequent sex in a relationship increase one's happiness? I'd like to share that my frequent sex is just once or twice a week.

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    Oh, do most relationships involve sex nowadays? Well, I'm not that sexually active so I guess once in every other week is already good.


    • Sniftywas
      Sniftywas commented
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      You sound so pretentious, or are you serious? Really? You're not really into sex? Then what else do you do to keep a man happy?

    • PIZZAChilledDesk
      PIZZAChilledDesk commented
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      I am into sex of course but do you even think that why does sex always get involved whenever we are talking about relationships?

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    Sex is very important to relationships. My frequent sex is almost 4 times a week and not with my boyfriend but with my fuckbuddy. I usually hang out to his place because he's near the city, very convenient huh?


    • HEYGhoul
      HEYGhoul commented
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      It sounds like you have a great schedule between balancing work, yourself and having different fuckbuddies on the side just to have frequent sex. Good for you!

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    If you are sexually active then sex would become important to you. So much so that you may want to have it four times a week, if both of you want it.


    • VeinyD
      VeinyD commented
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      We all needs sex because my world revolves around with sex, Yeah sex is my drugs

    • TinyAngel
      TinyAngel commented
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      VeinyD Too much sex is not good for your health. You would be exhausted and that would strain your body.

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    Did you know that there are people who love each other but sex is not that important for them? There are exceptions to the norm that sex is all important.


    • Trex
      Trex commented
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      Yes, I've known some people like that and that's good for them. But for me, sex is important because me and my girlfriend do it all the time.

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    Not necessarily important if the both of you have patience to have sex when there is commitment or after marriage but today its obvious that everybody wants to have a healthy sexual relationship


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      In today's time, it is already important to have some sex from time to time but let us not do it frequently.


      • MoshiMoshiPan
        MoshiMoshiPan commented
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        Not do it frequently? But what can you say about those couples that are actually nymphomaniacs and satyromaniacs? They always have frequent sex and there's nothing you can do to stop them.

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      Yes it does make someone happy when sex is always there, It's one thing that would spice up our lives and can even strengthen it. We can't argue that people who are happier are more likely to have sex more often because they’re in a good relationship and are satisfied with it.


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        Most people would have sex with their lovers. No problem with that one. But there are few people who are religious in safeguarding their virginity. They are keeping it intact for the right person. So, what can you say about those people?


        • LoveAlcove
          LoveAlcove commented
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          I bet that those people are rare these days, if they still do that tradition or practice then it's good for them to wait until marriage. There's nothing wrong with being a virgin and not.

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        Once a week is already frequent to me. I would like to have like once a month only. In that way, we would be enjoying each other's company.