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  • Doing It Rough

    Has any of you been with a partner who was extra rough with you during sex? Like you often end up having scratches, getting bumped on your head, or bruises? If yes, did you talk about it with him/her or just ignored about it?

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    Yes, I've done it rough with a man once. We haven't seen each other for almost a month so when we had sex the two of us were a bit rougher than the usual.


    • gocrazy
      gocrazy commented
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      You are both totally hungry with each other and I also got the experience where I keep kissing him over and over.

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    Yes, she ended up biting my ears, nipples and some portion of my neck but it was fine and it's not painful because I'm so aroused but I'm glad she didn't give me hickeys.


    • Exploring
      Exploring commented
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      Are you an Odaxelagnia person? It's a paraphilia involving sexual arousal through biting or being bitten.

    • GoodNatured
      GoodNatured commented
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      Not much. It depends on the person if she got really nice teeth and has no fangs cos that will definitely hurt.

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    I've never been rough to my partner when it comes to sex. But there have been times that I was the one who got hurt during sex.


    • NotaPlant
      NotaPlant commented
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      What happened to you? Did a girl accidentally kneed your balls during sex or have bitten your dick while she was giving you a blow job?

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    I ended up having bruises when me and my partner fell of the bed for getting wild and rolling all over the sheets and glad we didn't bump our heads on the floor.


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      My partner had a few scratches when he was fucking me in the wall. Told me I was a pussy for scratching him lol.


      • Trex
        Trex commented
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        Maybe you are sweetie lol. I also got a few scratches from my girl for being wild.

      • CocoM
        CocoM commented
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        Was that guy had a huge dick and he was fucking you hard and deep that's why you scratched his back?

      • busyGirl
        busyGirl commented
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        CocoM well all I can say is that he was so good at it lol.

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      I do sometimes scratch my partner and he complains about my long fingernails when that happens.


      • Meanduos
        Meanduos commented
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        What body part do you end up scratching him?

      • gerlineHG
        gerlineHG commented
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        Meanduos she might be talking about his back. I don't think that she would try and scratch his dick with her fingernails lmao.

      • realwoman
        realwoman commented
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        @Mendous It's his back gerlineHG never tried it lol

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      I'm the one who often ends up being rough on the guy. Tend to scratch his back when he fucks me really good


      • BrackCutt
        BrackCutt commented
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        Were those guys have a huge dick and went balls deep on you that's why you ended up scratching their backs?

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      The only time I remember it rough is when my butt cheeks become so red cos he spanks me too hard.


      • LoveRockBurgers2
        LoveRockBurgers2 commented
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        What is he using to spank you? Was it his bare hands or a whip?

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      My guy pinches me all the time for being fat lol. I ended having red marks all over my fat body.


      • UnlimitedLove
        UnlimitedLove commented
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        If I'm your guy I'll be eating your body and keep nibbling you lol. You got lots of meat btw.

      • AnnSaren
        AnnSaren commented
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        At least he didn't care that you are fat and didn't force you to do on a diet.

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      Has any of you ever got hickeys when they try to kiss and lick you all over? Got one before and I keep hiding it. It was not a good sight.


      • GossipMean
        GossipMean commented
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        No, since I only let him lick on the least visible part of my body like my legs up to my breast.

      • Ketterine
        Ketterine commented
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        Yes, I've been with guys who enjoyed giving me hickeys whenever we're having sex.

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      I got bite marks before when my partner was so wild. I have them in my shoulder and my boobs and I'm glad there are no bite marks in my neck.


      • spontaneousnika
        spontaneousnika commented
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        I don't mind getting kiss marks on my body as long as they're not on the visible parts of my body.

      • PIZZAck
        PIZZAck commented
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        I think it's alright to have bite marks rather than having hickeys.

    • #13
      I actually like pulling hair if he got a nice hairline and if there's plenty of hair to pull. If he is bald I just rest my hands on it like a crystal ball lol.


      • MoshiMoshiPan
        MoshiMoshiPan commented
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        They really look like a cue ball when you see a shiny bald head. I also prefer guys with long hair so I can pull and play with it.

      • Sniftywas
        Sniftywas commented
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        I hope you didn't pull it hard MoshiMoshiPan or you will ruin their hair and might accidentally break it.

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      My partner accidentally headbutted me and it was so hard I ended up having a big lump on my forehead and I hate him for putting me on an embarrassing situation.


      • Bellswas
        Bellswas commented
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        What was he going to do with you that he ended up headbutting you?

    • #15
      Luckily I never been with a guy who has been rough on me during sex.


      • stphie
        stphie commented
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        You should try it and won't regret it. I like it when they do it rough all of the time.