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  • The one

    One of my closest friends is happily in love right now and I'm so proud of her right now. She met a guy who finally treats her right and she has finally introduced him to her parents. They've spent most of their time together during days off work. Well, how am I if you ever ask? I'm doing fine, I just haven't found the one yet.

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    The one will surely come, not now but soon. You just have to be a little patient.


    • Bargeekel
      Bargeekel commented
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      How long? Like she needs to wait for 40 more years? Yep, I have known some who waited for so long before they were able to see their the one.

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    Have you ever thought of stealing her boyfriend so that you would be happy, too?


    • lnlywrld
      lnlywrld commented
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      Wow, that's one shitty and desperate move, sis. There are tons of guys out there who is truly meant for her.

    • HEYGhoul
      HEYGhoul commented
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      If you had a friend with the same situation, would you steal her boyfriend for you to be happy?

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    You'll be fine, there's nothing wrong about staying single for a long time.


    • PigBenis
      PigBenis commented
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      I've been single for 2 years now and counting, but I've had a few hookups and most of the time I keep myself busy with work.

    • gerlineHG
      gerlineHG commented
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      When would it become wrong? Would being single already wrong when you are already 60 years old?

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    Is this your way of telling the guys that you are looking for someone who will treat you the same way?


    • Haircut
      Haircut commented
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      Yeah, this might be her cry for help in order to get laid

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    I thought I've finally met theone but unfortunately, she's in love with someone else and not me. After everything that I did for her.


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      Would you like to keep on dating so that you would already see the right one?


      • Forever
        Forever commented
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        Maybe the problem is that she's not dating, that's why she's having problems of looking for the right guy

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      Are you sure that you're doing fine and not just pretending that you're okay with it?


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        Are you currently looking for a guy or not? Because the right guy wouldn't just fall on your lap, you should try and look for him as well